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PriceChopper Hall of Fame: 'Highly Reduced' on CPW

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Our latest PriceChopper Hall of Fame inductee (it takes at least a 50% fall to be considered by the hall's voting board) comes from The Turin on Central Park West up in the 90's, and was submitted by a Curbed tipster: "In slightly less than a year it has gone from listing at $5.2M to $2.495M. That's a 52% reduction. It went on the market before the Big Slide at what now appears to have been a bit greedy. So the lesson is . . . need I say?" No size given, so we're unsure of the current price-per-square-foot. The listing says (we'll spare you the all-caps), "Highly reduced for immediate sale," but the reductions themselves weren't so immediate.

The unit celebrated its near one-year anniversary with a fresh chop of $480,000, its first "adjustment" in almost four months. Does this classy bit of family living still have father to fall?
· Listing: 333 Central Park West [Elliman]