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Brooklyn's New Tallest Gets a Name: The Brooklyner!

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For all the hubbub that was created when Frank Gehry designed his Miss Brooklyn skyscraper at the Atlantic Yards to replace the Williamsburgh Bank Building as Brooklyn's tallest building (before it was eventually downsized), the Clarrett Group's 111 Lawrence Street has flown relatively under the radar. But last week the 51-story, 496-unit rental tower topped out in Downtown Brooklyn, bringing its height juuuust above the old clocktower. Now that it has the crown of Brooklyn's tallest, a bland name like 111 Lawrence just won't do. So even though it's still identified as such on the developer's website, Brownstoner reports that the tower has been dubbed The Brooklyner. Now that's some borough pride! Along with 80 DeKalb and Avalon Fort Greene, there's a heck of a lot of rental stock headed for the area.

Photos of 111 Lawrence Street in late May via Wired New York:

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