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CurbedWire: Crowdsourced Condos Selling, Cooper U. Renting

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PROSPECT HEIGHTS?We do love ourselves some Sterling Green, the eco-themed new condo building at 580 Sterling Place whose design was foolishly put in all our hands at one time. Developer Seth Brown writes in with an update: "Construction is finally complete, the units are all cleaned up, and we’re working on getting our signoffs. We've had a lot of interest in the project since we started marketing at the end of February, and right now four units are in contract, and we’ve accepted offers on two more (the penthouses). We should have only have 2 of 8 units left by the end of this week – 1B, which is a 1071 square foot garden duplex with a 20 x 30 foot backyard ($479,000), and 3A, a spacious alcove studio with a balcony, which is $299,000." Power to the people! Here's the website. [CurbedWire Inbox]

THE BOWERY?You know what we never noticed before? The crazy new Cooper Union building has a storefront space for rent. A couple of "for rent" signs actually recently went up, indicating that it's not yet claimed. Any retailers looking plant their flag in a bit of starchitecture? [CurbedWire Staff]