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Flower Tower Offers Further Proof of The Genius of LIC

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This one's been floating around in the ether for a spell, but still—holy fuck, right?! Say hello to the Flower Tower, 16 stories of mind-blowitude from architect Karen Bausman. The neighborhood where this creation may actually rise? Long Island City, of course.

So let's break down what we know about Flower Tower, and what we don't.

DESIGN: Thing's green. So green, in fact, that it's designed to harvest power from the sun—"solar electricity," they're calling it—and feed unused power back into the city's power grid. From the architect's site: "The tower's east and west façades, each a dynamically programmed array of glass and steel, are configured to gather solar energy and return what the building does not consume to the local power grid." But an interview with the architect published by Cooper Union offers an even more delightful image: "As its name suggests, Flower Tower’s façade is designed to operate like a wall of morning glories—adjusting to sunlight throughout the day, both regulating light and gathering solar energy." (Because it worked so well for Renzo!)

LOCATION: Long Island City, yes. But where, exactly? Per the architect's site, it'll be "in close proximity to the East River, taking its place along the newly imagined and reinvigorated waterfront." Hmmmmm.

RANDOM COMMUNITY-CENTRIC DETAILS: "The full-service loft condominium will contain a range of spaces public and private -- rich in form, light, and materials that will inspire strong community spirit. Accommodations include a ground floor restaurant and café and art gallery, further solidifying vibrant interaction among the residents and local community."

BUILDABILITY: Sure, the Bloomberg administration loves it. As do we! But will the Flower Tower ever see the light of day? A call to the architect's office this fine afternoon brings word that the project is indeed alive. Though, sadly, not yet ready to build. Please, someone, get this thing in the ground. Five years of obsessive Curbed coverage has just commenced.

· Project: Flower Tower [Karen Bausman + Associates]
· Karen Bausman: Reimagining Cities [Cooper Union, PDF]