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Door Prizes: Brooklyn Condo Comes With Newww CAAARRR!

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The internal combustion giveaway is making a comeback! First we had Stuyvesant Town offering the gratis use of a Mini Cooper for one year to the existing tenant that refers the most new renters, and now deep in the Prospect Heights/Crown Heights DMZ comes word of a hybrid of an offer from the gang at 727 Prospect Place, aka The Sinclair. Submit a full-price offer on one of four new one-bedroom condos (priced at $379,000 and $389,000) between now and July 5 and snag your Earth-loving self a free Toyota Prius. "This is no joke," say the listings, and we do love it when it a giveaway carries that disclaimer. A bit of a short shelf life on the offer, but it's not like you were planning on spending the holiday weekend doing something other than pouring over paperwork, right? Just make sure your buddies don't yell "shotgun!" too loud.
· 727 Prospect Place [StreetEasy]