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Revised Hudson Rise Challenges Garbage Garage Anew

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[Renderings courtesy Zakrzewski + Hyde Architects]

Down in Hudson Square, where the wind always blows a little sweeter, we've got an interesting new rendering reveal: the slightly revamped plans for Hudson Rise. Hudson Rise, one may recall, grew out of that wacky Hudson Square charrette a few years back, then found new life as folks in the community opposed to the Department of Transportation's plan for a 125-foot-tall three-district garbage truck garage adopted it as a saner alternative. Per The Villager a few weeks back, Hudson Rise supporters actually believe they can get this built in lieu of the feared Garbage Garage.

So does this smaller, greener structure have a shot of getting built? First up, the Department of Sanitation would have to agree to shift one district's worth of garbage storage out of the neighborhood—likely up to the edge of Hell's Kitchen. That's certainly plausible.

But what makes these new Hudson Rise designs yet more viable, according to a supporter we spoke with on deep background, is that architect Stas Zakrzewski has lately been chatting up the sanitation engineers, using their operational guidelines for the Garbage Garage as design criteria. The hope: that by meeting the same guidelines, the powers that be—the Mayor and the Department of Sanitation—wouldn't be able to disqualify the Hudson Rise proposal. Hudson Rise supporters also say their plan is significantly cheaper.

Here's hoping they're right. Cuz, hey, outdoor movies!
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