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Battle of the PriceChopped Washington Place Townhouses!

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January went out with a bang on Washington Place, as a pair of 1830s Federal-style townhouses?located just steps apart!?both hit the market within hours of one another. Though similar on the outside, the two homes' personalities are very different. At 112 Washington Place, a wreck was reclaimed and turned into something you'd see photographed on the cover of an oversized coffee table design book. At 122 Washington Place, renovations are up-to-date but there's still an old soul kind of vibe. But maybe they're not so different: Both hit with huge price tags and have since been significantly PriceChopped. The 4BR 112 Washington Place now sits at $8.195 million, down from $10.2 million. Meanwhile at the 5BR 122 Washington Place (the ground floor is currently a 1BR apartment, the listing says), a $7.45 million ask has fallen to $6.495 million. Here's something in common the owners would really appreciate: buyers! Compare, contrast and pick a favorite from the gallery above.
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112 Washington Place

112 Washington Place, New York, NY