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CurbedWire: Jane's Street Official, Jared Time at Palazzo Grey

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WEST VILLAGE?Last week we learned that the block of Hudson Street between Perry and West 11th Street was being given the honorary name of Jane Jacobs Way to pay tribute to the late urbanist, and kaboom, it happened today. But because this is the Village, the event did not go down without controversy (or ugly socks). A tipster writes: "Several demonstrators showed up to protest Council Speaker Christine Quinn's very 'un-Jane Jacobs' record, including supporting developers over community objections and accepting massive donations from the real estate industry. Some folks from Coney Island actually came dressed as Jane Jacobs, with grey wigs and big chunky glasses, while others carried signs referencing her slush fund scandals." Yes indeed, Halloween came early (or late) to Hudson Street this year. Evidence after the jump. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LES?Time now for an update on our second favorite new palazzo, Grand Street's Palazzo Grey. A tipster writes: "Seems they have finally found a commercial tenant for the development at 334 Grand Street in Manhattan known by the down-to-earth moniker of 'Palazzo Grey.' Just what the average palazzo needs...a Subway sandwiches franchise. The door was open the other day as they loaded coolers, soft drink dispensers and counters into the store. As a long-time resident of the area, I'm really happy to have a crappy sandwich chain since there aren't any stores on, say, every corner in NYC to get a crappy deli sandwich." Subway's high-end real estate takeover continues! [CurbedWire Inbox]