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Development Du Jour: The Copper Building

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Location: 215 Avenue B at 13th Street
Size: 8 stories, 17 units
Prices: A studio for $475,000; a 1BR at $675,000; three 2BRs at $1.1 million to $1.95 million; a 4BR penthouse at $3.6 million.
Architect: Stephen B. Jacobs Group
Sales & Marketing: Hoffman & Meier Group/PDE
Lowdown: It was the A Building that made the Upper East Village safe for new luxury condos, and it's Village Green and the Copper Building that are now trying to cash in. But both projects have locations that could be perceived by some as hurdles: Village Green is next to a busy school playground, and Avenue B's Copper Building is next to the Campos Plaza housing project. The Copper Building site has looked inactive for weeks, but listings for the building have just hit the web and we spotted workers milling about this morning. In addition to the copper-colored aluminum panels, another interesting design feature is the private Zen-themed garden that tenants will enter through (with high walls to make $3.6 million apartment dwellers feel secure). Inside it's interiors designed by Andi Pepper (Stephen B. Jacobs's wife), and some units have terraces and balconies. The building also features a virtual doorman system, sun deck and gym. Floor-to-ceiling windows and Zen gardens on Avenue B? We think we're overdue for an Iggy Pop follow-up.

Copper Building

215 Avenue B, New York, NY