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Construction Watch: A New Slant on Midtown from Cassa NY

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We reported a few months back that Cassa NY, the tapering condo-hotel rising at 70 West 45th Street, was close to topping out. It seems we jumped the gun, but happily the crew has caught up with our prediction and they've recently planted the flag above the skinny Midtown skyscraper's 43rd floor. Down below the cut-outs for architect Enrique Norten's "dramatically articulated windows" are clearly seen on the east and west facades, but nary a bit of the pearly white cladding has been added. More apparent than ever is the sloping north face that slides skyward from West 45th Street. The Cassa NY website has images of the design process and reveals that the inspiration came from an Egyptian obelisk, tapering up to a pyramidal crown. Yet a recent visit to 45th Street shows this tower's crown is disappointingly flatter than a top hat. For now Cassa is just a shell, and an expensive one, to boot: Prices appear to be holding firm at an average well over $2,000 a square foot.
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70 West 45th Street

70 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036