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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Brooklyn Loft Green With Envy

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And now, the results of yesterday's PriceSpotter asking price guessing game...

Location: 65 Green Street #13
Asking: $1,250,000

This week's PriceSpotter listing, a 2,300-square-foot zen-inspired loft with a private roof deck, is unlike anything else we've seen lately in Greenpoint. It figures that it's (we think?corrections welcomed!) the most expensive condo in Greenpoint currently on the market. Why do we say zen-inspired? Because the listing says "zen" three times, and we like to reward such determination. In a stunning finale, the correct guess was the final one, from commenter WillB, who wrote, "I vaguely remember seeing this on the Corcoran website for around 1.25 mill." Perhaps, but according to StreetEasy this place has been in the CitiHabitats family for a year and was once asking $1.5 million. Until next week!
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