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Meet Zazza Williamsburg, 20 Floors of Southside Rentals!

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While squatters descend on the north side of Williamsburg, south of the bridge it's business as usual?almost! Noticed the 20-story building under construction at Bedford Avenue and South 8th Street lately? Well, developer Michael Zazza's 424 Bedford Avenue has topped out, and it will now be known as Zazza Williamsburg according to a press release from GreenbergFarrow, the shopping mall specialists hired to design the building. While the tower?this is a big boy for the 'hood?was originally intended to be condos (GreenbergFarrow's website even still says so), Zazza Williamsburg will now consist of 66 rentals. The concrete grid look is supposed to evoke the area's industrial loft heritage. Does it work? It certainly has pizzazza.
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424 bedford avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211