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Harlem Development Update-o-Rama: Aloft, 2280 FDB, More!

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[Photos via jphillipobrien2006/Curbed Photo Pool.]

The Harlem real estate market has taken its lumps lately, but today, something different: A focus on progress! Construction progress, that is, thanks to the Curbed Photo Pool contributor who recently uploaded updates on a slew of notable Harlem projects. We doff our hats to you, sir, as does our roving Photographer Will Femia, who was just spared a motorcycle ride above 96th Street. Immediately above is the much-discussed Aloft hotel at 124th Street and FDB, finally showing signs of life as it sprouts around an old carriage house converted to luxury lofts. Other on-the-rise developments seen above: 2280 FDB, Windows on 123, Savannah, Livmor, Gateway, 271 West 122nd Street and some crazy thing at 113th and FDB that we haven't yet identified and almost would rather leave unknown.
· Curbed Photo Pool [Flickr]