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SPONSORED POST: All Afford! ACES Has $29 Fares

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1. Because traveling by yacht with a crew of half-naked super models is so cliché.
2. There’s something about traveling at rapid speed, while drinking, that makes a man (or woman) feel alive.
3. If ya can’t relax with a little roulette after six hours of intense shopping, well, that’s just plain un-American.
4. As much as I love long-distance cycling, ACES is easy on my legs so I almost never cramp up on the dance floor.
5. Forget limoncello—for my money, the best way to digest a world-class meal is with blackjack.

according to Thunderrico Schultz, the unofficial representative of weekend escape:top 5 reasons to ride ACES to Atlantic CityGet out of the office and hop on ACES this weekend to escape New York and save $10-$20 per ticket through July 31. Looking for a weekend escape? We have the