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Construction Watch: Signs of Life on 14th Street, in Tribeca

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Who knows what evil lurks behind the plywood of man? We do: squatters, mostly. But hark! The rebar is sprouting at a pair of development sites we had all but left for dead after long stretches of inactivity. Observe:

1) 123 Third Aveune: At the busy southeast corner of 14th Street and Third Avenue, this 18-story glassy condo tower has finally climbed into view (above). Well, bits and pieces of it have. So close to our old friend One Ten 3rd, 123 Third will, according to the developer's website, have 48 units and be done in 2010. We shall see.

2) 471 Washington Street: A strange case down on the corner of Canal and Washington Streets, where architect Ben Hansen's, um, non-traditional Tribeca mini-tower is slated to rise. Again, there's stuff to see, but by the looks of this Wired New York photo, not much has changed in two months. Still, the DOB approved an amended Schedule A in early June that gives us a peek into the future: one unit per floor, and a triplex up top. Ah, but when. But when!
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123 Third Avenue

123 Third Avenue, New York, NY