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Critic Rant: 'No One Even Trying' on New UES Condo Building

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Records show than on June 29, someone paid $12.75 million for a penthouse at the glassy new 30-story condo building at 255 East 74th Street. That's a big buy for an Upper East Side building at Second Avenue, and in architecture critic James Gardner's eyes, probably a foolish one. That's because, in an amazing slamjob, Gardner writes that 255 East 74th "is almost entirely invisible, the sort of structure no one would ever see unless, like architecture critics, they were paid to look at it." Oh, and that's not all! Some highlights:

[The building's] only distinction is that, compared to most other structures in its immediate vicinity, it is rather tall. According to the development’s Web site, not one but two architectural firms were needed to gestate this pallid mediocrity, H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture and SLCE Architects, both of which have been active on the New York scene for some years. To all appearances, no one was even trying when it came to the design of 255 East 74th Street, which rises up from a six-story base that contains an Equinox gym.

Well, if it's invisible, then at least we're off the hook for ignoring it!
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