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Forgotten World Trade Center Arts Venue on the Move?

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The Performing Arts Center is the missing piece of the World Trade Center puzzle, but like a piece of experimental theater, it's about to get all up in your face. As it stands now, work on the PAC?which is supposed to be doodled by Frank Gehry, though there's no design (or money, for that matter) quite yet?can't even begin until at least 2015, when Santiago Calatrava's new PATH station is expected to open. The temporary PATH station currently sits where there PAC is supposed to go, next to the rising Freedom Tower One World Trade Center. Hey, but the Deutsche Bank Building should finally be gone by the fall, and the replacement skyscraper (aka 5 WTC) fell through, so why not build it at 130 Liberty Street? Precisely! Downtown Express reports that a proposal to do just that has started to make the rounds. The move would clear up some infrastructure headaches, and the Deutsche Bank Building's foundation can even be recycled to save money. Sounds like a great idea, which means, of course, that it's already doomed.
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130 Liberty Street

130 Liberty Street, New York, NY