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Lower East Side Flower Thief Caught Yellow-Handed

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Marie Viljoen, of landscape designers Holly, Wood & Vine, decided to check out the lilies of the LES's Sara D. Roosevelt Park this morning because, well, she planted them. Much to her surprise she spotted somebody trying to make off with an armful of flowers. On her 66 Square Feet blog, she recaps the confrontation:

WHAT ARE YOU DOING????? Silence. A resolute backing away. An armful of lilies, upside-down in her hands. Right now I could still weep. But then I was as mad as hell. I hope I scared the living daylights out of her. I hope I hiccuped her pacemaker. She got stuck on the fence for a bit. Didn't even look at me. Stuffed her flowers upside-down in her cart, crushing them and my heart. I stormed around and caught her on the basketball court in the middle of game. She pulled the old no-speak-Eenglish trick. Yeah, right. You bloody cow. No, I didn't say anything terrible. All I said was, You. are. a. thief.Then Viljoen put on some gardening gloves and strangled the life out of the lady. OK, not really, but lessons were learned: "The ladies of the Lower East Side: if it isn't nailed down they'll take it."
· The lily thief [66 Square Feet]