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Sex and the Slope: Did SJP Buy Prospect Park West Mansion?

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Carrie Park Slope? Unthinkable but perhaps true, as the Post's Jennifer Gould Keil speculates that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are the mystery buyers of departed Slope celebrity couple Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany's double-wide townhouse at 17 Prospect Park West (seen above back when it was on the market). The 9BR, 3.5BA limestone beauty, weighing in at 5,200 square feet, sold for $8.45 million back in November, and is currently undergoing a gut renovation. While a house bigger than their current West Village digs makes sense for SJP and Broderick?they just took home a new set of twins?the evidence is a bit circumstantial. Keil points to the name of the purchasing LLC, Harken Pretty, and its kinda-sorta similarity to Parker's production company, Pretty Matches. Also, Parker's production company recently optioned a chick-lit book called "Prospect Park West." Hey, that's good enough for us! See you guys at Beer Table!
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17 Prospect Park West

17 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215