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Architectural Craziness: 'Docking Stations' for NYC Harbor!

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Today in Completely Absurdly Awesome Architectural Schemes that Will Never Get Built: this thing! What is it? Oh, just yet another system of modular floating docks designed to harness energy from the tidal action of New York City's rivers. This one's by architects Richard Garber, Nicole Robertson, and Brian Novello of GRO Architects, and it isn't just for energy creation—no, it could be a cool place to hang out, too. Says the firm, "Docking Stations literally 'plug-in' to the conventional piers of New York City, extending them further into the river to optimize clean energy generation while increasing public green space and tidal pools for wildlife." And not only that, the harvested power could power—uh, streetlights! The scheme, alas, is just a dream, created for a Metropolis Magazine design competition. Pity, that.
· Next Gen Notables: Docking Stations [Metropolis via Treehugger]