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Rentals, Not Condos, for New Sixth Avenue Tower

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While lesser projects sputter all around, the big crazy thing quickly rising at 835 Sixth Avenue just keeps on keepin' on. The 54-story Perkins Eastman-designed skyscraper, in the no-man's-land just below 30th Street, will have a food court straight out of Blade Runner to go with a 292-room Kimpton Hotel and 302 luxury condos up top. Oops, did we say condos? We certainly have, but word comes from JD Carlisle Development that the apartments will actually be rentals, and ready for occupancy in the summer of 2010. Rentals seem to make better sense for the location, and who knows, if rates keep dropping it might become cheaper to just live in one of the hotel rooms. Sweet, maid service!
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