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Map: NYC's Out-of-Control Arrested Development List

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According to a Department of Buildings count there are 362 stalled construction sites in the five boroughs, and surprise, they're not all in Williamsburg. That's as of July 8, and the number reflects languishing projects officially deemed as such by the DOB's stalled sites task force, so in reality there are many more. But it's a start, and now?via the blood, sweat and tears of some unlucky NYT intern?all the blights-in-the-making are mapped for your convenience. The old favorites are there, including the Toy Center Condos conversion, Five Franklin Place and 56 Leonard Street, but there are also many buildings thought to have been frozen and just in need of that final nudge towards confirmation.

A pair of new Lower East Side hotels, Hotel Ludlow and Stories_NY, make the list, as do fancy condo buildings like The Renwick and Atelier 2 (Far West Side, R.I.P.). Tribeca's 471 Washington Street, which we visited just last week, also got d-listed, as in dead or dying. The borough-by-borough breakdown is as follows: 57 in Manhattan, 138 in Brooklyn, 131 in Queens, 21 in the Bronx and 15 in Staten Island. WNYC is also soliciting anecdotal intel on other stalled sites that might not have made the official DOB tally. The City Council will consider legislation in the fall that will allow developers to extend building permits as long as they maintain the sites, and the developer of 56 Leonard has pledged to do just that, according to the Times. Can the others hold out until a market rebound, or will New York look like a half-finished game of Sim City for years to come?
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5 franklin place

5 franklin place, New York, NY 10013

56 Leonard St

56 Leonard Street, Manhattan, NY 10013

605 W 42nd St

605 West 42nd Street, Manhattan, NY 10036

1107 Broadway

1107 Broadway, New York, NY 10010

15 Renwick Street

15 Renwick Street, New York, NY