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Pooches Mark Their Territory at Renovated Village Dog Run

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The little patch of doggie diversion at Mercer and Houston Streets has long been plagued by problems, but after years of cracked concrete, sinking sidewalks and aberrant asphalt, the Mercer-Houston Dog Run has been resurrected. After NYU's Coles Sports Center opened in 1981, problems on the street nearby started to surface. Coles construction was blamed, but now it seems the real culprit was a mysterious and hitherto unknown underground spring. Happily those troubles are all in the past, and man's best friends came out to cavort and commemorate the re-opening of their beloved run. Over and over they anointed the new asphalt and offered blessings to the fence posts, keeping the hose lady very busy. A bit of normalcy has returned to this edge of NYUville, but perhaps only for a bit. There are new plans in motion for another ripped-up block of Mercer Street, and maybe a megaproject on the way.
· Mercer-Houston Dog Run Association [Official Site]