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West Chelsea Gold Rush Redux: High Line Tower Revealed

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[Renderings via Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects.]

Now that the High Line has become this summer's big hit, get ready for more new construction to pop up on the open spaces that abut the rails. A big one is called the High Line Tower, a mixed-use proposal designed by Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects for Tenth Avenue between 28th and 29th Streets (UPDATE: Gates Merkulova Architects also created this dream factory). It would rise on both sides of the High Line and include a 13-story hotel and 23-story condo, with a "through-block shopping arcade" beneath the old rails to connect the combined lots. A previous plan from 2006 by Kevin Kennon Architects (no longer visible at their website) has also been preserved at Wired New York. Pick your favorite!

The owner of the site, Heby Realty Corp., has bargained for some development rights from a property further south along the High Line. One little lot at the corner of West 29th has been vacated, but so far there's no sign of much activity. This block has another biggie in the works, the 620-unit Avalon West Chelsea that was stalled but, according to the DOB, is now seeing new life. With the next segment of the High Line stretching up to 30th Street set to open in late 2010, folks are advised to check out the trestle-top views as early as possible. And enjoy the open vistas while they last.
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UPDATE CODA: The Gates Merkulova Architects website has many more renderings including this shot of the arcade beneath the High Line: