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Unnamed Neighbors Protest Battery Park City Park Plans

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There's nothing that the crazed parents of Park Slope have on the crazed parents of Battery Park City, friends. After years of careful negotiation between the city and the community over plans to temporarily close West Thames Park—a popular recreational zone stretching from the World Trade Center site north/south along West Street—an "informal alliance" of families are agitating to halt the planned work, scheduled to begin this fall. Close readers will recall that the work is being undertaken in part to extend a pedestrian promenade that will include architecture firm SHoP's wacky new (Heidi Klum-approved!) West Street bridge. And the work is slated to go quickly too, with completion penciled in for 2010.

How seriously should the upstart protest group be taken? Oh, about this seriously: "Because the group does yet not have any formal leadership, or even a name, its members asked not to be identified."
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