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On the Racked: Nordstrom Nabs Union Square Megastore, Manhattan Mall Readies for Penneypocalypse, More!

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1) Union Square: Let the months of speculation end! Sorry Target and Wal-Mart fans (there are Wal-Mart fans, right?), but the closed Union Square Virgin Megastore on 14th Street will become a Nordstrom Rack, the retailer's discount offshoot. Nordstrom reportedly had a deal in place on the space many moons ago, but then dropped out. Guess they just couldn't quit. Also, the empty Circuit City next door will be, not surprisingly, a Best Buy.

2) Herald Square: In other cheapo clothing news, will the imminent arrival of JC Penney wreak havoc on the underutilized Manhattan Mall? TBD, but for now check out the department store's massive marquee.

3) Upper East Side: It's not Halloween, but Barney's has decided to get a bit morbid with a pair of windows in the store's vestibule. Some Racked commenters think the bloody scenes are a bit offensive, which might be why Barney's spared Madison Avenue pedestrians the sights.

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