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Development Update-o-Rama: Village Green, Will Beav, More!

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Brace?we've got a big one. From the East Village up to Gramercy and back down to all sorts of FiDi madness, here's a construction update-o-rama to end all update-o-ramas, until, of course, the next update-o-rama. Unleash the beast:

1) Village Green: After last week's epic Copper Building infosplosion, it's only fair to pony up the goods on the other Stephen B. Jacobs Group-designed condo building currently underway in the East Village, the eco-lovin' Village Green at 311 East 11th Street. As seen above, this thing is making serious progress. Façade? Check. Windows? In the process. A couple more looks in the gallery.

2) Tempo: We had all but left this 19-story tower at 23rd Street and Second Avenue for the arrested development scrap pile, but whoa nelly, construction has suddenly climbed into view. A tipster dishes a bit of dirt: "Supposedly hedge fund guys in and original Irish developer out." Ooh, dramatic subplot action!

3) William Beaver House: Our old friend down in the Financial District is ready to show its stuff to the lowly peons out on the street, a tipster reports. "The William Beaver building finally got rid of that huge Sales Banner covering the 2 second floor, revealing the gym and other amenities that (I saw) people are actually using! From what I can see at night it looks like about 30% of the building is now occupied and you see people coming and going to the lobby which is a good sign." What, no pool view? André Balazs, we boo you, good sir. We boo you mightily.

4) 126 Water Street: Sam Chang is at it again, as his McSam Hotel Group puts the finishing touches on a 26-story Holiday Inn Express down in the Financial District. Our FiDi correspondent notes: "A much less exciting one (compared with its neighbor Andaz) but the Holiday Inn Express next to Wall Street got its scaffold removed. Opening in September very likely. at least an option for those who cant offer the Andaz or W prices." More on the W two items down!

5) 8 Stone Street: Speaking of Sam Chang, the site of one of his most glorious boom-time property flips, 8 Stone Street, is about 25 stories into a 42-story Doubletree hotel. Writes our tipster: "With Andaz, Thompson's Gild Hall (very cool interior but poor location), Holiday Inn Express and this, FiDi will finally get a real selection of hotels." The Battery Park City Ritz just wept a little.

6) W Hotel & Residences: And when talking about FiDi hotels, let's not forget one of the more problem-plagued Downtown developments, the 58-story W hotel/condo at 123 Washington Street. At least it's making strides. Take it away, Tippy McTipperson: "We can now see clearly the W Hotel from Wall Street (and the view behind the steeple will be quite interesting). The picture is not great but it looks like they are topping out, building that last penthouse floor."

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