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CurbedWire: Chinatown Museum Reveal, Carroll Gardens Wants More Protection

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CHINATOWN?The new home of the Museum of Chinese in America has quietly opened its doors at 215 Centre Street in advance of a September grand opening, with the museum's website declaring, "MOCA is pleased to offer the community a chance to view the space during select viewing and public program days over the summer." The space was designed, inside and out, by the Maya Lin Studio. Minimal is the word, with expanses of glass on both the Centre and Lafayette facades. The main entry is framed by an inverted "L" constructed out of exterior grade composite that shelters the doorway. Through big windows along Centre Street the lobby and retail component, all low-key simplicity, beckon passersby. [CurbedWire Staff]

CARROLL GARDENS?Apparently the pending downzoning isn't enough to protect Carroll Gardens' charms. Now photos have been submitted to the Landmarks Preservation Commission in an effort to get the LPC to consider an expansion of the Carroll Gardens Historic District. The project was presented by the Brooklyn Preservation Council and funded by Councilmember Bill de Blasio, who said in a statement, "Carroll Gardens residents are very concerned about overdevelopment, as the neighborhood is quite vulnerable to it. Along with the downzoning process taking place now, we need to explore the expansion of the current Carroll Gardens Historical District to truly protect the neighborhood." [CurbedWire Inbox]