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Meet the Flatiron Heliport!

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Yesterday, we got a little gaga over the truly inspired plans to turn Central Park into an airport. Today, as a follow-on of sorts, blogger NYCGrid steps up with an equally innovative concept: turning Madison Square Park into a heliport:

Of course, there are many who have their concerns, and we at Flatiron Aeronautics Development have tried our best to quell the loudest of them. Perhaps the most glaring issue many bring up is the loss of green space to the landing pads. While we will attempt to keep many of the outer trees, much of the interior space will have to be re-zoned for landing pads. Luckily we have struck a deal with the owners of the Flatiron Building to raze it to make room for a New Madison Square Park—which would now be a triangle.As for the fate of Shake Shack? Do click through for the subterranean reveal.
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