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Curbed Inside: Cooper Union Gets Finishing Touches

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[Photos via Curbed Photo Pool/khorsean.]

Once again we're treated to a look inside the Cooper Union spaceship (this time via the lens of a Curbed tipster) as architect Thom Mayne's Bowery mind-blower prepares for launch. When we last stowed away aboard the academic building we couldn't decipher much of the madness beyond the web-like atrium and stairway to nowhere/student hangout. But now?now?well, we still have little clue what we're looking at. If Mayne's intention all along was to make us dizzy, congratulations on a job well done, sir. Revealed: the Le Corbusier-inspired elevator system that drove Ouroussoff batty, and the landscaped deck overlooking the gorgeous St. George's Ukrainian Church next door. Grab some Dramamine and a ShamWow and get to it!
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