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Bushwick Gentrification Watch: T-Minus 5 Years Until 'Bucks

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July 22, 2009: The day the transformation of Bushwick from gritty industrial zone to hipster/yuppie playground entered the mainstream. Under the Gentrification For Dummies headline "Bushwick Is Getting Some Wine Shops," the Times turns its spotlight on the neighborhood that's been drawing "adventurous young adults priced out of Manhattan." We'd say the migration has more to do with priced-out Williamsburgers heading east on the L train, but that's an argument for another day. The focus here is on the new retail options popping up, especially The Loom mini-mall and a pair of old manufacturing buildings at 22-28 Wyckoff Avenue being converted to an organic grocery store, high-end wine shop and other Stuff White People Like. That's the rendering seen at right, and while architect Andre Kikoski's design does look pretty cool, Times readers shouldn't flood the zone quite yet. One Bushwick retail brokers says the neighborhood “is still maybe five-plus years from getting a Starbucks," meaning, for now, it flunks the all-important Starbucks Index test.
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