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CurbedWire: $700 Luxury Apartment Unveiled, Port Authority Hustling at WTC, 510 Madison Doubts

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WEST VILLAGE?The wacky contest in which one furnished 2BR apartment at the angular One 7th will be rented to a Daffy's customer for $700 per month (alleged market value: $7,000/month) is underway! TONY has photos from inside the apartment, and those who wish to live the life of a naked banker can wander into a Daffy's store (but put some pants on first!) and record a 30-second video message about why they deserve the place. [CurbedWire Staff/TONY]

FIDI?Though the fate of World Trade Center Towers 2 and 3 is uncertain, the Port Authority is doing what it can to clear the way for...something. Following today's Port Authority board meeting, the PA announced it would "expedite construction on the east side of the World Trade Center site, including work to clear the way for complete turnover of the sites for Towers 2 and 3, ending the Port Authority’s obligation to pay $300,000 a day in liquidated damages to Silverstein Properties." Well, that's nice of them. [CurbedWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN?Troubled real estate empire Macklowe Properties tried to play down the damage done to its rising 510 Madison Avenue office building following a spectacular overnight fire. A Curbed tipster calls bullshit: "Six months after the fire at 510 Madison that Macklowe lied to the New York Post about (claiming it was electric when the NYC Fire Department hadn't made a determination about it yet), there is scant, if any progress on the exterior of the building. Billy Macklowe, in his private letter to realtors (which claimed restoration had commenced when there was a stop-work order on the building), said that the building would be operational imminently. Not even close." [CurbedWire Inbox]

510 Madison Avenue

510 Madison Avenue, New York, NY