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Battery Park City's New Amenity: Temporary Frozen Pond!

Often times we've found ourselves meandering through the bucolic faux-suburbia of Battery Park City and wondering, gee, you know what would make this neighborhood really perfect? Winter sports! And so, the Battery Park City Authority has approved a plan to build a seasonal ice-skating facility on the Battery Park City ball fields, last seen dodging debris falling from the new Goldman Sachs building. But this wouldn't be any old skating rink that one could find in, say, Rockefeller Center or Central Park. Heck no! There will also be a "skating path" around the perimeter of the facility for true adventurers. According to the operator enlisted to make this all happen, there's only one other rink in the country with the path feature. BPC's icetacular may debut this winter. Start practicing those triple lutzes!
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