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Soho's Mondrian Hotel, Now Rising, Finally Revealed

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Been some time since we checked in on construction at the new Mondrian Hotel and its "stress-reducing verdant entryway" down at 150 Lafayette Street on the border of Soho and Chinatown. Now visible from street corners all over downtown, the 25-story luxury hotel has been under construction with little hint of what it'll one day be wearing. But now the cladding has been spied: Panels of white metal and glass are stacked neatly on a lower floor behind the safety netting, awaiting installation. Then our friends at Eater posted a mind-blowing rendering of the hotel's frightening restaurant/enchanted forest, and led us to a reveal of the facade, apparently made public ages ago (note the Britney Spears reference) but way off our radar.

The rendering shows the Mondrian rising above Crosby Street, a starkly gridded tower looming large with a foliage-filled plaza leading to the hotel entry. It's been done up by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz?The Man in White and Lenny Kravitz' designer of choice!?as a dreamland inspired by, we're told, Cocteau's "La Belle et la Bete." The design "is all about enticing Beauty to say 'yes'." How...seductive? OK, we're still a little scared.
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