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Funky Friday Listing: The Cat's Meow in the East Village

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Thirty years ago a black cat wandered onto a baseball field and cursed the Chicago Cubs, contributing to the team's 101-year championship drought. Now a black cat (the same one?!) has wandered into the listing for a converted studio apartment in the East Village, and?well, let's just say the place has been on the market for four months and undergone pricechoppage from $349,000 down to $299,000. Is the feline to blame? The description of the East 11th Street co-op as "quirky" leads us to believe there's more to this, but the curse cannot be denied. If you're going to use a live animal for some impromptu staging, don't go black. Or real, for that matter.
· Listing: 633 East 11th Street [Corcoran]