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Shower With a Friend (or Two!) at FiDi's 200 Water

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In a slow summer season, the dorm-to-luxury-rental conversion of 200 Water Street is our Michael Jackson. The 32-story building near the South Street Seaport has become a curiosity for a couple reasons: the speed at which it went from housing NYU undergrads to housing NYU postgrads (the rental office just opened), and the Grimaldi's VIP treatment that residents will enjoy once the pizza legend opens its new three-story location next door. But our fascination with 200 Water runs even deeper. Much like with its nearby party palace 2 Gold, landlord Rockrose is going all out, especially up top. From the press release announcing the building's debut:

On the 33rd floor rooftop terrace - which is longer than a city block - tenants will enjoy chaises, card tables, cabanas with sunshades, a BBQ grill, WiFi access, vending machines and semi-private spaces. To cool off, residents can pull a chain off the roof's water tower to turn on a waterfall shower. The first phase of the roof deck will be completed for August 2009 use, with planting bed installation to follow in the late fall.

Criminally, the rooftop and its waterfall shower have gone unrendered, but the 200 Water folks did send us some photos from the rooftop, as well as an interior shot. But what of the rents?

Can you smell that? It's confidence in the FiDi rental market! At 200 Water, studios start at $2,045 per month, 1BRs at $2,470 and 2BRs at $3,715. Interestingly, some one-bedroom apartments are over 1,000 square feet and have a second bathroom. According to a list of available units on the 200 Water website, it looks like those come in at around $3,600/month. Apartments on the seventh floor have terraces, and there are duplexes with 21' ceilings. Who knew those NYU kids were livin' so large?
· 200 Water [Official Site]