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Noise Wars: Soho Champions Defeat of Mondrian Menace

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Last week we finally got a complete look at the absolutely fab Mondrian Hotel rising at Lafayatte near Howard Street deep in Soho, but already the luxury inn's partying potential is waning. For shame! Eater has the contents of a wildly boastful (and entertaining) press release from the Soho Alliance celebrating the Mondrian's withdrawal of liquor license applications for some outdoor spaces. It's amazing. Here's how it begins:

In a striking victory for community empowerment and a blow to an arrogant developer...the Morgans Hotel Group suddenly, surprisingly and dramatically withdrew their request for an outdoor eating-and-drinking area that would seat at least 150 people with scores more standing, mingling, and - no doubt - screaming until well past 1:00 a.m. in the morning.There's so much more, including an entire sidebar dedicated to the Soho Alliance's archenemy, Trump Soho. After stating that the Mondrian will be the tallest hotel in the 'hood, Sean Sweeney's Alliance adds, "Trump SoHo at 45 stories on Varick/Spring would be taller than the Mondrian, but it is not in core SoHo." Burn!
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