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Retail Rants: Park Slope Hates Ikea, UES Demands Groceries

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We'll paraphrase the above sign: Damn it, Park Slope! All the The Cabinet Shop ever intended to do was make you some handcrafted durable cabinets, but like the jerks that you are you had to talk on your cell phones and window shop without ever buying anything and drive your jerkmobiles to Red Hook to buy "inferior quality, cookie cutter mold made objects." Now The Cabinet Shop is gone, and all you've done is support the Swedish economy. Hope you're happy! Oh, and thanks.

But what should replace a store like The Cabinet Shop? Heck if we know, but one Upper East Sider has a very specific suggestion for what should go in an empty UES storefront on Lexington Avenue between a Best Buy and Staples near 86th Street.

He's sick of eating out, dangummit! If that doesn't reach into your chest and just rip your heart out, nothing will. Call to arms! Power to the people! But wait?according to NYC the Blog: "BTW, there is a Key Food around the corner. Does that count as a grocery store? For what it's worth, the staff at the deli are awesome." Maybe hold off on those calls to the mayor, then.
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