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It Happened One Weekend: $55 Million at 15, Times Square Gets Gloved, Rushmore Buyers May Get Refunds

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1) The trophy apartment market has rebounded enough to the point where the $75 million "whisper listing" at 15 Central Park West is back on the market, albeit at a reduced $55 million, allegedly. The duplex penthouse listing finally made it online, but the price is "upon request." Floorplan porn above. ['Secrets of a High-End Kind']

2) The Times Square Alliance has started putting out the new benches and trees in the Times Square pedestrian plaza (420 metal chairs and small tables are still on the way). Are they an improvement over the lawn furniture? Depends: How do you feel about giant baseball gloves? The Post thinks they're classy! ['Classy Street Seats? About Times Square'/NYP]

3) At the Rushmore, one of those tall glassy things Extell is throwing up on Riverside Boulevard, buyers looking to get out of their contracts may have just struck gold: In the offering plan, buyers should have been promised a right to rescind if no unit had closed by Sept. 1, 2009. However, Extell's development team and the 750 lawyers at the firm that prepared the plan didn't notice that the document actually said Sept. 1, 2008. Simple error? That's what Extell argues, but some experts believe the 23 buyers looking to get their 15% deposits back have just found their loophole. [Big Deal/'Attack of the Fine Print']

4) A rich foreign filmmaker and his trophy wife go on the hunt for a penthouse pied-a-terre with a view, but neighborhood is important as well. So why do they choose a $4.23 million condo in Murray Hill's Twenty9th Park Madison? Says Legs: "I like this poor cousin of a very good neighborhood. It has so much potential to grow." The guy is already shooting film footage off the roof. [The Hunt/'Wall-to-Wall Skyline']

5) The family that owns Cobble Hill book store BookCourt also owns the pair of Court Street buildings the store is located inside. Mom and younger son live in the duplex, while older, sunglasses-in-the-store son crashes next door, though the apartments are connected by a doorway upstairs. Definitely a sit-com-in-the-making. [Habitats/'Over the Family Store, Staff Quarters']

15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023