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CurbedWire: Superior Parking, Rentals Cheaper than Dorms?

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WEST VILLAGE?Earlier today we checked in on 397 West 12th Street, and now it's time for an update on its close friend Superior Ink. The Robert A.M. Stern/Related collabo at 400 West Street, under construction for what feels like whatever, promises future tenants (like Hillary Swank) "24-hour on-premises valet parking." Above, what appears to be the access into the building's VIP parking garage. As for the new-construction Bethune Street townhouses that are part of the development?who's getting stuck with the driveway view? Also in the gallery: an updated look at the 17-story Superior tower. [CurbedWire Staff]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?It's been roughly 96 hours since we've had anything to say about the luxury rental conversion of former NYU dorm 200 Water Street. Luckily a tipster whose friend lived in the building came calling: "When the building was an NYU dorm, at least two students — mainly sophomores, juniors, and seniors — lived in each unit. That includes the studios. In fact, rent for a studio in the 07 line (my source thinks it was 2507) was $1,360 per month per student for the school year between September 2007 and May 2008. So at $2,720 per month for a studio, NYU was asking more than Rockrose — and you couldn't even bring in your own furniture." And there was no rooftop waterfall shower! NYU: such barbarians! [CurbedWire Inbox]