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Fall of the Lower East Side: Guss' Pickles Moving to Brooklyn

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Through all the Lower East Side's changes over the years?the boutique hotels, the rowdy bars, the BLUEs, etc.?the culinary pillars of the neighborhood's Jewish heritage have largely remained: Katz's, Yonah Schimmel, Russ & Daughters and Guss' Pickles (Kossar's Bialys, at 73 years old, is a relative spring chicken). Alas, the temple is crumbling. The Lo-Down files the bombshell that Guss' Pickles?an LES staple since 1920?will leave its tiny Orchard Street storefront. A call to Guss' confirms the move, to the South Brooklyn nether regions of 39th Street between 14th and 15th Avenues "in a few months." But why, Guss?

According to the Lo-Down, the need for a bigger space coupled with rising neighborhood rents forced the departure. Owner Patricia Fairhurst also has some gripes, the Lo-Down adds: "When the city put a Muni Meter directly in front of her pickle barrels, blocking customers' access, it was the last straw." Recently, Guss' has been embroiled (embrined?) in a bitter trademark dispute that may have dipped into the bank account a bit. It will be a sad Pickle Day this year, friends. Grab your half-sours while you still can.
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