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Boerum Hill to Get New Multi-Million Dollar Mansions, Maybe

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A pair of developers want to bring a little single-family luxury livin' to the edge of Boerum Hill, unless this darn housing market has other ideas. The Real Deal has the scoop on the Ensemble, a collection of six one-family brownstones that would be built at 349-354 State Street, between Hoyt and Bond. We're talking 5,000 square feet each, private outdoor spaces, "modern" or "traditional" design and price tags from $3.5 million to $4 million. Fairly hefty for the 'hood, and so the developers, Strategic Development & Construction Group and IBEC Building Corporation, are not taking any chances: They've hired Corcoran Sunshine to "test the market in the fall" and figure out of there's demand for the brownstones. If there's a cast attached, the Ensemble will rise. The days of build now, ask questions later are officially kaput.
· New brownstones may come to Boerum Hill [Real Deal]