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CurbedWire: Burg Building Vacated, Coney Island Reaction

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WILLIAMSBURG?Quite the alarming array of signage posted on the front of 172 North 8th Street, including a vacate order. "I believe this building was listed for sale about 6 months ago," our tipster writes. Filling in the blanks is the Greenpoint Gazette, which recently wrotes: "On June 29th, just four weeks after the building was purchased by a new landlord who had begun illegally renovating the building’s basement in hopes of turning it into a storage space, an immediate stop-work order was issued by the Department of Buildings, followed by a vacate order: All 12 tenants were forced to immediately pack their belongings and vacate the premises without any indication of when they will be able to return." Needless to say, a messy situation over on the Northside. [CurbedWire Inbox]

CONEY ISLAND?Expect many passionate responses to the City Council's approval of the Coney Island rezoning. Here's one from grassroots group Save Coney Island, which calls it "a sad day for New York City": "As a result of this rezoning, people across the city and around the world who love Coney Island could see its historic amusement district shrunk, covered up and blocked off with high-rises, its history destroyed and its potential squandered — all for nothing. There are numerous places around the globe that have build glorious parks that pay tribute to Coney Island. Here, where we have the original, the city has been all too happy to shrink it out of existence." Meanwhile, Brooklyn beep Marty Markowitz called the vote "another important victory for Coney Island, Brooklyn and New York City." [CurbedWire Inbox]