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Central Village Stunner: 61 Fifth Avenue Revealed

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Ravaged by fire and later sold and demolished, the classic corner building at Fifth Avenue and 13th Street is now just a hole in the ground. But a new stack of deluxe condos at 61 Fifth Avenue will soon grow. The LEED-certified plan from architect Alta Indelman sits just outside the Greenwich Village Historic District, and the limestone and brick should make nice with its neighbors. And how 'bout those windows? Yowza. The building will rise 10 stories and contain street-level retail, three duplexes and a triplex penthouse. The fencing at 61 Fifth Avenue has become a showcase for street artists, but it's the property's history that makes it tasty.

Before its date with the wrecking ball, the curvy 61 Fifth Avenue served diners and drinkers. It started out in 1938 as a Schrafft's luncheonette, with comfy deco details by Bloch & Hesse. Then, back in the crazy '80s, the building became the Lone Star Cafe and the rooftop served as the platform for an Iguana-saurus sculpture by Bob Wade. In 1979 director Bob Fosse used the interior to shoot a niteclub scene for All That Jazz. The current plan, far more sedate than previous incarnations on this corner, promises to "respect the lower 5th Avenue neighborhood" and might even serve to sober up all those New Schoolers up the street.
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61 Fifth Avenue

61 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY