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CurbedWire: Ugly Truth at Galerie515, 3.5% Down at BellTel, Harlem's Piers Have Worldly Appeal

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Photo by Will Femia.

HELL'S KITCHEN?Hey, how's construction at Ninth Avenue hotel/condo Galerie515 going? Uh, yup. Even though it's billed at 515 Ninth Avenue, we'll assume that this is the 511 Ninth Avenue on the DOB's stalled sites list. [CurbedWire Staff]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?How we know a trend has truly made it? When it catches on at the promotion-heavy BellTel Lofts conversion on Bridge Street. The latest: BellTel has received FHA approval for qualified buyers on loans up to $729,000, meaning some of those sweet, sweet 3.5% down payments. Scrape together $17,000 and you could join the other three buyers currently in contract. Meawhile, browsing the BellTel's closings, it looks like someone paid $61,500 for a parking space last summer. Seem high to anyone else? [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST HARLEM?Manhattanville, you've made it. Even the Middle East wants a piece! From the Inbox: "I am contacting you from Aishti Magazine, one of the leader Fashion and Lifestyle magazines in the Middle East. We would like to include the new Harlem Piers Park in our upcoming issue of our publication. Would it be possible to send me some high resolution photos of it at your earliest convenience?" Unfortunately we have none. Still, who knew Harlem is big in Beirut? [CurbedWire Inbox]