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Curbed PriceChopper: East Village's Flowerbox Wilting?

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East 7th Street's Flowerbox Building is undoubtedly one of the building boom's most gorgeous outputs, but expectations were set high. Too high, perhaps, for one self-irrigating building near Avenue D to live up to. According to StreetEasy, the 2,780sf Apt. #1 currently on the market for $2.195 million is the same apartment that was at one time (2006?those were the days, eh?) asking $3.975 million, putting this dangerously close to the front doors of the PriceChopper Hall of Fame.

The $789-per-square-foot price tag seems almost criminal, and makes us wonder if the private backyard is being included in the count. Perhaps not. Per the brokerbabble, "This expansive apartment is currently configured as a three bedroom three bath making it not only the most stylish apartment on the block, but also the best value as well." In other Flowerbox news, the third-floor unit spotlighted in PriceChopper last October (when it dropped $400k down to $1.995 million) is now listed as "contract signed," albeit with a most recent asking price of $1.595 million.
· Listing: 259 East 7th Street [Corcoran]


259 e7th st, New york, NY 10009