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On the Market: Rooms Available at Soho's Celebrity Dorm!

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Nicole Kidman lived there. Kelly Ripa calls it home (and likes it enough to double dip). Harvey Weinstein once used it as glorified hotel for his favorite stars, including Leo DiCaprio. Yep, 76 Crosby Street is one of those Soho blockbusters that when something becomes available, we drop everything to ogle the porn. New to market is #2A, a 2,578-square-foot 2BR, 2BA with no celebrity connection we're aware of. It's more than the 13' ceilings that make this listing lofty. The price tag is $4.35 million, and the condo last traded hands in 2005 for just $2.55 million. To be fair, we're not sure if the 15-foot-wide gas fireplace is new, a touch that certainly must be worth the $1.8 million difference. Most units at 76 Crosby take up entire floors, but sharing ain't so bad. The buyer can always borrow sugar from the next-door neighbor, which in this case happens to be Gawker Media's Nick Denton. Ah, Soho.
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76 Crosby Street

76 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10012