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1 Sutton Place South Shows Off the Family Jewels

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It has come to our attention, via the iPhone of a tipster, that something very strange is going on at 1 Sutton Place South, specifically involving its legendary penthouse. "The small things on the wall are stones and the large green sculpture is an emerald," writes our source. "Surprised the co-op allowed this monstrosity." We could try to find out the explanation for this al fresco insanity, but you know what? We kind of prefer the mystery, lest we be disappointed by some sort of marketing gimmickry.

UPDATE: Damn it, people, we said we wanted a mystery! As pointed out in the comments, the emerald is a sculpture by Jeff Koons purchased by the penthouse dwellers. But seriously, how'd they sneak this by the board?

1 Sutton Place South

1 Sutton Place South, New York, NY