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CurbedWire: A Grand Mystery, Broad Street Bully

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GRAND AVENUE??A tipster sends along the above photo and asks, "I walked by the project today on Grand Ave, looks pretty good (at least it does from the outside). Is it sales or rentals?" A very good question, friend, but where the heck is this thing? It definitely has that certain Williamsburg je nais se quoi, but it's Grand Street, at least until the road hits Queens. Any ideas? [CurbedWire Inbox]

FIDI?How about a fun reader rant on the always-thrilling topic of streets and traffic to round out this Friday? One Curbedizen isn't so thrilled with one aspect of the New York Stock Exchange Streetscape Improvements: "Will wonders never cease? The people responsible for the 'management' of reconstruction and security 'enhancements' on Broad St between Beaver and Exchange have succeeded in making an optimist out of me. I had predicted to my coworkers that the new turntable barriers would be broken in about 6 months. Lo and behold, they haven't lasted 6 WEEKS!"

"After several weeks of them being nonfunctional (and the street being closed once again), a crane appeared today to hoist at least one of them out of the ground yet again. And this is in early summer. Imagine how well they'll do in their first winter??!!

Has it occurred to no one at the LMDC that the block (and the block of Wall St betw William and New) have been closed most of the last 18 months without any significant impact (aside from the construction itself) to the area's businesses? I guess the concept of just closing these 2 blocks to match the one between them that has been closed for several years is just TOO simple for these bureaucrats to comprehend." [CurbedWire Inbox]