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Tribeca NIMBYs Successfully Dodge Affordable Housing Bullet

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Though the rezoning of northern Tribeca has already given us such gifts as Truffles Tribeca, the industrial-to-residential shift remains a work in progress. In fact, the Department of City Planning recently gave the community a say in one important rezoning matter. In the northwestern corner of the 'hood, just below Canal Street along the West Side Highway, the community board was given a choice: an "inclusionary zoning," allowing developers to build taller and bulkier if they create affordable housing on-site or within a half-mile, or a strict limit to building sizes with no new affordable housing. Guess which one the board picked? Yep, first it was out with the buses and now it's out with the poors, but Community Board 1 did throw a bone to those who doubt their sensitivity and caring. They put an inclusionary housing zone around the Holland Tunnel entrance, where there are almost no sites left to build. How generous! Sensing an impending backlash, CB1 chair Julie Menin added a line to the resolution saying the board recognized the importance of affordable some.
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